Mission and Vision


To provide excellence in educational outcomes for Campus Community School students, the school is organized in a collaborative community of learners.

Mission Statement

To create and maintain an environment for learning that allows each student to maximize his or her potential in developing habits of mind, acquiring knowledge and skills, and demonstrating individual and social responsibility.

Core Values

Safety: We provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.

Culture of Learning: We create a culture of HIGH EXPECTATIONS. We will create a challenging environment that promotes the development of skills, talents and abilities and that promotes curiosity and deep thinking.  We create a fun learning environment that will allow students to find their natural talents, skills and passion

Continuous Improvement: We use a systematic approach to strive towards world-class excellence in K-8 education.

Health and Wellness:
We promote the physical, emotional and social health and wellness of every child.

Caring Learning Community: We build and teach others how to build relationships based on respect, acceptance, responsibility and friendship.