Campus Community School would like to solute our Veterans

On November 8th Campus Community School hosted local veterans in our area to show our support, including
a ceremony and breakfast. This also gave the opportunity to teach our students about our veterans and what it takes to be one.

Below are some of the things our veterans were able to share with our students....

• The branch of service and what rank you are.
• Any Medal and awards received.
• Reasons for joining the armed services.
• Any special training, humanitarian efforts during your deployment.
• Places you visited, friends you have made and food they have tried.
• Other family members in the military, friends you have made in the service.
• Wars or conflicts you have been involved with.

Campus Community School would like to thank the veterans for taking the time to share their experiences and for
sacrificing so much for our freedom and country.

Salute To Veterans 2015